Rainy Day Off

I think I care too much about the weather.  It’s completely out of my control and yet I fret about it all the time.  Some days still stick in my memory…..rare New England summer days that I describe as California days….hot and dry, cloudless blue sky.  That’s weather perfection to me.   But I get caught up in it, and I don’t like that.

I have a vacation day scheduled for tomorrow; the forecast is calling for rain.  One went so far as to use the word “washout”.   If a vacation day from work is not one spent outside in sunshine I think of it as wasted.  I considered canceling but I thought about the day I have planned with my friend.  She’ll be away next week, and another week after that in July.   Who knows when we’ll next get to spend a day together with nothing on the agenda?   So now I’m thinking of how we can enjoy this day that somehow involves the outdoors, or maybe bringing a bit of the outdoors….in.   I will post again and let you know what the day brings.

I didnt have any pictures of a rainy day, so I decided to use this one that I took recently to illustrate what a California sky looks like, for anyone who’s never seen one.  This pic was taken at the Clark Cooke House, one of my favorite spots in Newport.



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  1. Don’t fret…you will see hazy sunshine by early afternoon. I promise. Not a “California” day, but certainly not a washout. I remember a fascinating day at Cooke House! Have fun.

  2. You have this site on Pacific time.

  3. I meant to do that. It is my homage to California Days.

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