From Riches to Rags

Today was a study in contrasts, from lunch at a high end resort, to beers at the ultimate Rhode Island dive bar.   I forgot my camera at home today so the snaps below were found online, they don’t belong to me.

First up, The Ocean House in Watch Hill, a place with a fascinating history.   The original Ocean House opened just after the Civil War and was enjoyed by generations of guests until it closed in 2003, the structure having been deemed beyond repair.  A new hotel was built in the same location with the exterior exactly replicating the original.  I’ve always felt a bit halfhearted about this place, it’s had a sort of “Emperor has no clothes” feel for me, but the beauty of the location keeps me coming back.  I’m glad to report I’m now a fan after an excellent Cobb salad and French rosé for lunch.


From there we made our way to The Ocean Mist in Matunuck.   Now, as a lifelong Rhode Islander I’ve always been aware of this place, but had never actually been.  I finally saw it for the first time several weeks ago.  Ocean Mist, you had me at hello!   No great history to report on this one, I guess all I can say is ….it’s still standing after the last hurricane?   Really?   Good bands, attentive bartenders and what a view!  The picture below is from the back deck.  Oh, did I mention they serve breakfast?  Until 2:00PM?  With eight different varieties of Eggs Benedict?   You’re welcome.



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  1. Wow what a gorgeous way to spend the day. Beauty is all around us. Thank you for sharing it! 🙂

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