Block Island – Take 2


I admit it; I have a bit of an obsession with Block Island.  But….so does everyone who’s ever visited!   (except for one person who shall remain nameless).   There is a sense of place about Block Island.  If you were ever kidnapped, and flown blindfolded to the island, you’d whip off your blindfold and look around and say “ahhhh, I’m on Block Island!”   It’s something about the air, and the quality of the light….and those beautiful Victorian buildings with the red mansard roofs.   There’s nowhere else like it on earth.

I was there this past weekend and besides our usual haunts, we had a mission.  My friend’s co worker was a chambermaid at The Narragansett for several years in the 1960s.  She’s not physically up to a visit but has never forgotten the island or her time upon it.  We went to the inn and took some pictures for her; here are a couple of that beautiful place.  And YES, I did get my perfect “California blue” sky!


Another random snap that I liked from this past weekend.  Have I ever told you how much I hate power lines?  I love electricity – am quite addicted to it actually – but HATE power lines.  Why weren’t they put underground like 50 years ago?  They ruin everything.  Mostly my pictures.


One more….a picture not ruined by power lines:


I can see that this blog is in danger of becoming Jane’s Block Island Only Blog.  I promise my next post will be a Block Island Free Zone.  Promise.




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