Another Rockin’ Rhode Island Place….

Galilee!   It’s really unique, a teeny mixed bag of a place.   It’s a fishing village and a tourist trap, with our smallest state beach and a ferry boat landing (I can’t tell you where the boat goes, I promised in my last post).    Full disclosure:  when I commented to a friend that I love this village, she replied “it makes me want to jump out of my skin”.   You just never know.

I took this picture on my phone at dusk the last time I was there.  For you Stephen King fans, it was past dusk, it was actually the gloaming.  If you visit, take a pass on George’s…..hit up Champlin’s for some fried seafood and a margarita.



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  1. I hear that margaritas tend to get stolen at Champlin’s. Call the police!

  2. There has been a rash of that sort of crime in the village lately. Jus’ saying.

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