Paul McCartney, Title IX and a picnic

Friday started off nicely.   Overnight bag is packed and in my car, I’m leaving for Vermont straight from work.  Nothing exciting on the agenda, just visiting friends and relaxing.  My only goals are a walk in the woods and some picture taking.  On the drive in to work I heard Listen to What The Man Says by Wings.  That song brings me right back to the summer of 1975 and being driven to Little League practice on Saturday mornings.  Thanks to Title IX in 1972 girls could now play actual Little League with the boys instead of being relegated to girls-only softball teams.   I don’t recall if it felt groundbreaking to my 10-going-on-11 year old self back then.   I do look back on that time fondly as the last time I wore stretch pants unselfconsciously.

October brings two events that are fall favorites of mine.  If you’ve never seen the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular in Providence, do try to see it.  It’s so much more than the sum of its parts and more than I could fully explain here.  It’s a combination of true artistry, a beautiful setting and perfectly chosen music.  I once stood in darkness surrounded by glowing jack o’lanterns while snow fell softly (fake, but it was cold and felt real) and listened to Judy Garland singing Over The Rainbow.   Sounds jumbled or over the top but it all works.  I strongly suggest you go on a weeknight, it gets very crowded on weekends.  This year’s event is being held October 3rd through November 3rd and you can find all the deets here:

The second thing is the Chef’s Collaborative Rhode Island BBQ.   A group of 10 or 12 of us went for the first time last year and the verdict was unanimous …..we would not miss it the next year.  The day it was announced we all snapped up tickets.  If you think it’s something you’d be interested in don’t wait as it’s always a sellout.   The top chefs in RI produce appetizer-sized portions of special dishes (I’m still surprised that last year’s beef tongue tacos were my favorite dish).  Unlike other festivals you didn’t have to contend with long lines to get a morsel to eat.  You waltz up to a table and are handed food.  They serve a selection of local beers and wines, as well as drinks made with spirits distilled in the Berkshires.   It’s held on the grounds of a farm stand in southern RI amidst a collection of ramshackle buildings dotted with little white lights, by a small pond.  They have a bonfire and a band, and kids are welcome.  If you go, find me and say hello.  I’ll probably be in front of the wine table trying to freddy two servings off them by saying I’m getting it for a friend.


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