Face it, summer’s over.

OK, I guess it has been for a while now.  We had such a beautiful autumn in New England, it seems all of September and October were sunny and in the 70s.   I started this post back in October, I’m completing it in mid-November, so the title is kind of ….off.  Christmas music is now playing full time on several radio stations.  I am decidedly NOT a winter person, but I really hate wishing my life away so I work hard at enjoying all seasons.  That being said, I’m not above looking ahead to spring.  Here’s how I do it.  The holidays will fly by, January and February are tough to get through but since we will have had the longest day of the year back on December 21st, the days will now be lengthening.  Did I mention that February magazines come out mid-January, and February magazines have new spring clothes in them?   See how easy that was?

The snaps below were all taken in Massachusetts….Woods Hole, Concord and Sandwich.  Oh – except for the one of Knight Farm, that’s in Greenville RI (and is a mighty nice breakfast destination if you’re nearby).

016 051 057 061 067 071 086 088 089 090 075


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