The Zen of Houseplants

My paperwhites bloomed!   Seeing flowers grow is such a boost at this time of year.  When the weather really gets me down, there are a few places I’ll visit to get a spring-like feeling.  One is the botanical center at Roger Williams Park in Providence.  Admission is only a couple of bucks, there are benches if you feel like bringing a book and spending an hour or two, and they have a whole section of venus flytraps.  YES.  Inside the greenhouse you’ll find balmy temps and gurgling fountains.  Instant stress relief.

Roger Williams Botanical Center

Worth a day trip is Logee’s Greenhouse in Danielson CT.  They specialize in tropical plants, and you could easily spend an hour or two wandering their interconnected greenhouses full of flowering plants like Bird of Paradise and full size citrus trees.  If you’re hungry grab a quick bite around the corner at Heirloom Food Company (sandwich/coffee shop with lots of vegetarian choices) or head into Putnam and dinner at 85 Main.  Logee’s

Have you ever been to a butterfly greenhouse?  Massachusetts is home to two, and they are wonderfully surreal.  Gorgeous exotic butterflies flitting everywhere, sometimes even landing on you.  Magic Wings      Butterfly Place



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