Winter 1 – Jane 0

This winter is kinda kicking my butt.  I find myself wondering how people in Canada or Siberia survive.  But I guess it’s all relative….there are probably people in Trinidad wondering how people in Rhode Island manage to get by.  My last post made me remember how nice it is to spend a few hours breathing in fresh plant air at the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park in Providence.  There’s an old saying about the city:  “If you don’t like Providence it’s only because you’ve never been to Providence”.  OK, that isn’t really an old saying, I just made it up.  But I stand by that statement.  PVD rocks.   The first two snaps below were taken at Roger Williams Park….it’s been a brutal winter but an undeniably pretty one.   The last two pics are inside the botanical center.  It’s like walking into paradise, the warm humid air hits you in the face and its instantly summer.   Take a book and hang out on a bench for an hour or two.  The last pic looks pretty bare because they’re exhibiting at the flower show and had moved some stuff out to the convention center.



065 073


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