Little slice of heaven, isn’t it Bud?

That quote is from the movie “Funny Farm”, an 80s classic in which Chevy Chase tires of city life and moves to the country for peace & quiet, and finds anything but.  The friend who commented this weekend that it looked like we were in Redbud (the fictional town in the movie) wasn’t far off the mark; a bit of googling turned up the factoid that the house in the movie is just 30 miles from Manchester, where these pictures were taken.  See?  I told you I try to enjoy all seasons and not simply survive until spring!  I will say my patience is beginning to wear thin, and I’m looking forward to a 50 degree day at the end of the week.

This was my first visit to the Manchester area and I’d like to go back in spring or summer and spend more time exploring outside.  I really like the VT vibe….a bit more sophisticated than NH, with an emphasis on all things locally grown or made.

12626246203_0863522d20_c (1)




This is all looking a little too Christmasy to me.  Hopefully my next post will include some early signs of spring.  Is a damn crocus too much to ask for?


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