I was beginning to think winter would never end.  Not that you’d know it from these pictures but we are well and truly into spring now.  My most recent pics aren’t very springlike because I lost the download cord to my camera, keep forgetting to order a new one, and have had to resort to my phone.  The first two are from Providence.  You know how I feel about this city.  They don’t call it the Paris of New England for nothing.

They actually don’t.  I just made that up.  But look at these scenes of Westminster Street and tell me I’m really that far off the mark.  Lots of small local businesses have sprung up, clothing, housewares, and a pair of little restaurant/bars.   Flan y Ajo and Bodega Malasana are owned by a husband/wife team.  Flan is an honest-to-goodness tapas bar that can accommodate about 14 people (that includes standing at the bar) and Bodega is an equally teeny wine bar, with both house wines and a small but interesting selection of tapas going for $5.  Yup, you read that right.



An interesting trend is the rise of nano breweries (like a microbrewery but smaller).  I guess they’ve always been around, what’s different now if they actually distribute to local bars and restaurants, and they do weekend tastings like wineries.   In the past month or so I’ve been able to try brews from three different Rhode Island nanobreweries, and visit two of them.  Coffee Milk Stout is a riff on coffee milk (a kid’s beverage made from coffee syrup).  Most Rhode Islanders grow up on this stuff, a gateway drug to Dunkin Donuts coffee in adulthood.  Coffee Milk Stout bubbles up from an industrial park in Woonsocket, courtesy of Ravenous Brewing.  I’ve yet to visit them, I usually get my fill of their product at Ciro’s Tavern, right off Main Street in Woonsocket.   This is an English-style pub w/great food, cool brews, trivia nights, live music….it’s basically the Cheer’s of northern RI.

Bucket Brewery is my new favorite place.  Located in an old mill in Pawtucket, on the Providence line, its name comes from the disparaging nickname for Pawtucket, “the bucket”.  I love when someone takes a supposed negative, owns it and runs with it.  I think we tried six different beers the night we were there?  And – no kidding – each was better than the last.  Here is a snap of me playing barmaid.  Besides the great beers, the guys who own this place couldn’t be nicer….so far this has been one of my favorite nights of 2014 (the entire group concurred).


I wanted to bring some fresh tap beer to a friend’s one evening, so I swung by Bucket Brewery.   Je suis désolée!  A hand-lettered sign on the door informed me they were closed to attend a beer fest.  I immediately got on my Yelp app as I recalled there was yet another nanobrewery nearby, also open on weekends.   Foolproof Brewing to the rescue!  I fell hard for their Raincloud Porter and got a growler home safely.



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