Fun with Filters!

I’ve found an app called Aviary….it’s a photo-editing app, similar to Instagram.  I love what it does to pictures….kinda fake, kinda old fashioned looking.  When I put it like that it doesn’t really sound so good.  August in Rhode Island was not typical this year.  We tend to get one week that feels like September, mid-70s, dry…..this year almost all of August was like that.   One day recently I went out for a drive and found two beautiful red barns, about 5 minutes apart from one another   And I filtered them thusly (the first one looks like it should be in an old-timey oatmeal ad).  All these pictures were taken with my iPhone…just a coincidence that they were all taken that way.


This next picture was taken from Napatree Point looking back towards Watch Hill, which is a village of Westerly, RI.  Napatree Point is a long skinny spit of land sticking out into the ocean, right on the Connecticut line.  Up until 1938 it was lined with beautiful homes, about 40 of them I believe, grand shingled New England cottages.  Unfortunately they were all wiped out in the Hurricane of ’38.  The land was never built on again.  The first picture is the original shot, the second was with the filter applied:


Two shots of a place dear to my heart, East Sandwich Beach, Sandwich MA:


Is it just me, or does the sky in the second picture look a bit like Parrish Blue?

And I guess by now you expect this.  I’ll leave you with two shots of Block Island, pre-filter and filtered:


Hopefully my filter phase has now come and gone.


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