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My Rhode Island Hit Parade

Here is, in no particular order, a list of my favorite spaces and places in this beautiful state.

1.  The Spring House on Block Island.  An old Victorian grand hotel, the front porch of the Spring House is the perfect place to while away an afternoon or evening.


2.  Napatree Point, Westerly.  Now a wildlife preserve, this spit of land was swept bare in the Hurricane of 1938, killing 15 people.   Today it’s a peaceful beach free from the crowds that swarm other local beaches.


3.  The view of Providence from Prospect Terrace Park.   I love this statue of Roger Williams gazing out over the city he founded.  I recently found out that H.P. Lovecraft frequently visited this park.

Roger Williams

4.   The Ocean Mist.  The O’Mist is a legendary beach bar, hard by the shores of Matunuck Beach.  People once played volleyball in front of the deck, but severe erosion has claimed most of this space…  you feel like you’re on a poor man’s cruise ship….con:  the future of the Ocean Mist is iffy.   Come for live music, excellent fish tacos, and a great beer selection.


5.  Diamond Hill Vineyards.  Yes, a winery in Cumberland is one of my favorite spots!  It’s really come a long way over the last few years, a great spot to hang out and sip wine.  This picture was taken on a beautiful December day, when it warmed up to over 60 degrees!


6.  The Towers, Narragansett.  The entire town qualifies for my Best Of list, but the Towers are an iconic and beautiful landmark.  Built as part of the Narragansett Pier Casino in the 1880s, they’re now a venue for private events.


7.  Wickford Village.   Shopping and dining with views like this:


8.   THIS BARN.   I am on a quest to get a picture of it in all seasons.  Come on spring!!

scituate barn

9.   The Pawtucket Wintertime Farmer’s Market.  I can’t believe this place doesn’t get more press.  It’s bigger and better than the summertime markets.   I counted four vendors selling grass-fed meat.  FOUR.  There are fresh winter veggies, seafood & poultry, products such as herbals, honey, pickles, chocolates.  My routine is to grab an insanely delicious crepe (my fave is brie, spinach & craisins), a coffee from New Harvest, and stroll around for an overview before I buy anything.


10.  The Clarke Cooke House, Newport.   Four stories of fun in a beautiful Colonial-era building, from the basement nightclub to fine dining on the top floor “Porch”….and five bars that I can think of.


Well, there you have it!  Do you agree with my choices?  Am I missing anything obvious?  Be in touch and let me know!





Yes, I know how crazy that sounds on October 25th, but I had some leftover pics I needed to get out of my camera and phone.  The first one is a dock at New Harbor, on the Great Salt Pond on Block Island.  The one below it is the view from the outside bar at the Surf Hotel on Block.  The Surf was empty and decaying for several years, up for sale with no takers.  The owners chose to take  it off the market and refurbish.  The view of Crescent Beach from the back deck is, in my opinion, one of the best on the entire island.  No small thing on an island loaded with stunning views.

block dock surf bar

When I look at this picture of the bar at The National Hotel on Block, I hear Kate Smith singing God Bless America

natl bar

Coming home on the ferry the first week of September, there was no denying that summer was over:

shipyard filter

A year or two ago I went through a phase of filtering all my photos.  I assured you all that it was behind me, but I’m like a junkie, I can’t stop.   The first two are a field in Tiverton, right down the road from Tiverton Four Corners:

tiverton2 filter tiverton1 filter

The images below are, in order:  East Sandwich Beach, Cape Cod; view from The Oar, Block Island; Hyannis Harbor, Cape Cod.

sandwich filter oar dock filter

hyannis filter

The next two are Galilee, Rhode Island:

galillee filter Read the rest of this entry

Hi Neighbor!

That’s the tagline for Rhode Island’s own Narragansett Beer.  While the concept – a shandy made with Del’s Lemonade – and the can (PRETTY!) are both really cool…..true RI street cred in a beer goes to the Coffee Milk Stout from Ravenous Brewing in Woonsocket.  But a picture of this can taken on Block Island is a really cool bit of Rhode Islandia.

Birthday Weekend 2014 019

Block Island – Take 2


I admit it; I have a bit of an obsession with Block Island.  But….so does everyone who’s ever visited!   (except for one person who shall remain nameless).   There is a sense of place about Block Island.  If you were ever kidnapped, and flown blindfolded to the island, you’d whip off your blindfold and look around and say “ahhhh, I’m on Block Island!”   It’s something about the air, and the quality of the light….and those beautiful Victorian buildings with the red mansard roofs.   There’s nowhere else like it on earth.

I was there this past weekend and besides our usual haunts, we had a mission.  My friend’s co worker was a chambermaid at The Narragansett for several years in the 1960s.  She’s not physically up to a visit but has never forgotten the island or her time upon it.  We went to the inn and took some pictures for her; here are a couple of that beautiful place.  And YES, I did get my perfect “California blue” sky!


Another random snap that I liked from this past weekend.  Have I ever told you how much I hate power lines?  I love electricity – am quite addicted to it actually – but HATE power lines.  Why weren’t they put underground like 50 years ago?  They ruin everything.  Mostly my pictures.


One more….a picture not ruined by power lines:


I can see that this blog is in danger of becoming Jane’s Block Island Only Blog.  I promise my next post will be a Block Island Free Zone.  Promise.



Block Island

I feel blessed to live so close to Block Island.  If you’ve never been, go.   It’s a physically beautiful place, named one of The Last Great Places by The Nature Conservancy.   It wouldn’t be so lovely and unspoiled if not for the tenacious islanders who saved it from overdevelopment in the 1960s and 70s.  You can read an excellent series of articles on the matter here.   You can read about some of my favorite places to eat and drink in my Yelp reviews.   I took these pictures the last time I was there.  I’ll admit I was playing fast and loose with the “super vivid” setting on my camera.

This is The Spring House.  Home of peanut butter mudslides, refreshing ocean breezes and it is rumored to be the birthplace of Baby Jesus.


The adirondack chairs in the picture above?  Here’s the view from those seats:


New Harbor is the other side of the island, home of The Oar and this darling little shack.


And there’s something about this scene which sums up Block Island for me:062