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My Rhode Island Hit Parade

Here is, in no particular order, a list of my favorite spaces and places in this beautiful state.

1.  The Spring House on Block Island.  An old Victorian grand hotel, the front porch of the Spring House is the perfect place to while away an afternoon or evening.


2.  Napatree Point, Westerly.  Now a wildlife preserve, this spit of land was swept bare in the Hurricane of 1938, killing 15 people.   Today it’s a peaceful beach free from the crowds that swarm other local beaches.


3.  The view of Providence from Prospect Terrace Park.   I love this statue of Roger Williams gazing out over the city he founded.  I recently found out that H.P. Lovecraft frequently visited this park.

Roger Williams

4.   The Ocean Mist.  The O’Mist is a legendary beach bar, hard by the shores of Matunuck Beach.  People once played volleyball in front of the deck, but severe erosion has claimed most of this space…  you feel like you’re on a poor man’s cruise ship….con:  the future of the Ocean Mist is iffy.   Come for live music, excellent fish tacos, and a great beer selection.


5.  Diamond Hill Vineyards.  Yes, a winery in Cumberland is one of my favorite spots!  It’s really come a long way over the last few years, a great spot to hang out and sip wine.  This picture was taken on a beautiful December day, when it warmed up to over 60 degrees!


6.  The Towers, Narragansett.  The entire town qualifies for my Best Of list, but the Towers are an iconic and beautiful landmark.  Built as part of the Narragansett Pier Casino in the 1880s, they’re now a venue for private events.


7.  Wickford Village.   Shopping and dining with views like this:


8.   THIS BARN.   I am on a quest to get a picture of it in all seasons.  Come on spring!!

scituate barn

9.   The Pawtucket Wintertime Farmer’s Market.  I can’t believe this place doesn’t get more press.  It’s bigger and better than the summertime markets.   I counted four vendors selling grass-fed meat.  FOUR.  There are fresh winter veggies, seafood & poultry, products such as herbals, honey, pickles, chocolates.  My routine is to grab an insanely delicious crepe (my fave is brie, spinach & craisins), a coffee from New Harvest, and stroll around for an overview before I buy anything.


10.  The Clarke Cooke House, Newport.   Four stories of fun in a beautiful Colonial-era building, from the basement nightclub to fine dining on the top floor “Porch”….and five bars that I can think of.


Well, there you have it!  Do you agree with my choices?  Am I missing anything obvious?  Be in touch and let me know!




Rainy Day Off

I think I care too much about the weather.  It’s completely out of my control and yet I fret about it all the time.  Some days still stick in my memory…..rare New England summer days that I describe as California days….hot and dry, cloudless blue sky.  That’s weather perfection to me.   But I get caught up in it, and I don’t like that.

I have a vacation day scheduled for tomorrow; the forecast is calling for rain.  One went so far as to use the word “washout”.   If a vacation day from work is not one spent outside in sunshine I think of it as wasted.  I considered canceling but I thought about the day I have planned with my friend.  She’ll be away next week, and another week after that in July.   Who knows when we’ll next get to spend a day together with nothing on the agenda?   So now I’m thinking of how we can enjoy this day that somehow involves the outdoors, or maybe bringing a bit of the outdoors….in.   I will post again and let you know what the day brings.

I didnt have any pictures of a rainy day, so I decided to use this one that I took recently to illustrate what a California sky looks like, for anyone who’s never seen one.  This pic was taken at the Clark Cooke House, one of my favorite spots in Newport.


Magic Season is on the way!

Coming up very very soon is one of my favorite times of the year.  Mid-April to mid-May is so beautiful. It starts with forsythia blooming in mid-April, followed by dogwood, magnolia and other flowering trees, then comes the green haze of the emerging leaves, wraps up with lilacs in mid-May.  Especially those last two weeks of April, it looks like a fairy tale.  Here  are a couple of pics of bloom times past.


April in Mystic

Olives & Grace

Olives & Grace

This is a lovely little shop in the south end of Boston. They specialize in local & artisanal foods. A beautiful little jewel box of a place.  I love the sense of movement in the picture, which came about entirely by accident.  It was the first picture I took with my new iPhone and I was just too impatient to break stride, I kept walking as I snapped and this was the result.   Check it out here:  Olives & Grace  but think about visiting the shop and seeing it for yourself.

Well. My first post.


Welcome to my blog!  I hope you’ll stick with me as I explore the area.  I don’t have a particular focus although I do love visiting wineries and eating at restaurants that feature fresh, seasonal  cuisine, so there’ll be lots of that.

I love anything that resembles an old fashioned New England Christmas and anything that has a Dickensian look to it.   This Christmas season I visited Boston and Concord, and really enjoyed taking pictures of decorated storefronts, so that’s where these pictures are from.   I’m noticing I have a thing for cliched images, so expect lots of red barns in the fall, apple blossoms in spring…and I will not apologize!